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Pets & People Photography - Echuca, Bendigo & Shepparton

Animals are often our best friends.  They're funky, brave, fashionable ... sometimes muddy, salty, wet and smelly.

At other times, they're pampered, groomed, have a belly full of treats and are hanging out in a doggy photography studio.  They are loved, adored, admired and fun. They bring smiles, giggles, cackles, and jaw-drops into our worlds. Dogs are great listeners and often they "just know". They are our treasured companions, little rascals, guard dogs, and fur babies ...They are all humble givers of unconditional love and laughter!

People with their dog professional portrait photo on Peregian Beach

Pets & Family Session

These sessions are unique and tailored to you and your pets, currently with no limits on the number of animals, and just my undivided attention throughout, so it's relaxed and fun.

We will usually meet somewhere beautiful, around 1-2hrs before sunset or 15min before sunrise.



How will I purchase artwork and images after the shoot?

Afterwards, you'll receive a link from me with all your photos ready to be downloaded by you.  And there is the option of ordering prints, designing an album, purchasing a frame, etc, directly from that online gallery.

Where are you located?

Near Echuca in Victoria, Australia.  But I do sessions all around the world, I've travelled as far as Malta to photograph a dog.  Mostly I work around regional Victoria, Melbourne and the Sunshine Coast.  

Studio sessions can be arranged to take place in Melbourne and Maroochydore.

What time of day is best for a photo session?

For outdoor photography, early morning and late afternoons provide the best light, but if the day is overcast, then any time of day will do. Taking photos mid-day on bright and sunny days is not fantastic, unless some shade is available. Indoor studio photo shoots are fine any time of day or night.

My dog is not very well-behaved, does it matter?

Not entirely. While knowing the basic commands, such as sit and stay, will be a big advantage, it is not a requirement. I work with rescue dogs who have limited or no knowledge of basic commands. I am studying positive reward dog training, so have the skills to work with what you dog knows.  Even if your dog won’t sit on command, he or she will eventually sit on their own, and that’s when I’ll get the shot. I also bring some tasty treats and a squeaky toy with me, which helps get the dog's attention. If need be, leash removal can be done in post processing.

Why should I get my pets professionally photographed?

Our pets are in our lives for only a short while, but they take up such a huge place in our hearts.

How excited do they get when you arrive home?

How much do you enjoy their cuddles and crazy quirks?

Who listens to you all the time, regardless of how many times you're telling the same tail?

They are a huge part of your family.

You won’t regret having something fun to look upon your time together and remind you of the love you shared. Not only will these memories be captured for a lifetime, but it’s an investment in cheerful artwork and a great bonding experience.

Will my dog be able to handle being in the spotlight?

Providing a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere is my priority, for both you and your dog. The process is informal and non-judgemental. It can be a bit intimidating ... taking your dog to get professionally photographed, but you do not have to worry about a thing. If Mojo pees or poos in the studio, we'll just clean it up. And if your husband falls asleep on the sofa, it's a sign of how relaxed things can be. There is no pressure on you or your dog. Some dogs may act differently when placed in the spotlight, but it’s all about patience, and when it comes to pets, I have plenty to spare.

I do recommend taking your dogs for a walk before the shoot though, keeping them hungry so they'll work for the treats, and letting them pee before entering the studio building. This will help them to be relaxed and content at the start.

My dog is terminally ill, can you fit us in?

I will try my best, please call me.

Do you offer gift vouchers?

Yes. Please click here and let me know who you would like to gift it to.  I recommend putting some credit on the voucher so they can choose digital images, or put it towards some artwork.  It's a nice touch and generous.

Limited Edition Sessions

Held only a few times during the year, these exclusive sessions take place at a chosen location for a fun reason.  They are perfect for those who are after just one hero photo...  And at the same time, you'll be a hero as you'll be supporting a local animal rescue charity by attending.

two border collies sitting on a chair in a pet photographer's studio

Giving back

One of the best bits of my job is knowing that what we do will help other animals who are less fortunate.  All rescue dogs have free photo shoots to help boost their chances of faster adoption.  And 15% of all profits are donated to charities helping animals - Pets Of The Homeless.

“Shirlz is an amazing photographer! I’ve ended up with some fantastic shots of my two little puppies which I’m going to get blown up and put on my wall. She was really patient with them and took her time to get the best shots. She was relaxed, fun and talented. I recommend her as a photographer.” — Megan Evans