About Shirlz (and Waz)


Whilst growing up in Zimbabwe, I was educated by Jews and Christians, whilst at the same time being taught to speak in Ndebele (an African language).  My first job out of school was raising lion cubs and riding on elephants.  But soon I travelled to South Africa as a seeker of refuge.  There I spent my days diving with great white sharks, jumping off bridges and sipping cold drinks with world-explorers (the bonuses of working in tourism).  Africa… I’m stuck for words to describe it.

Later I made my way to sunny Scotland, where I began to love the odd shot of double-distilled whisky.  It was in the old buildings of Edinburgh that I discovered a passion for photography whilst working as a Mental Health Support Worker. One of my clients who had high functioning Autism taught me a lot of what she knew about photographic techniques and light… Yeah… I have so much to thank her for!


The adventure continued to England, and this is when I began providing photography services worldwide.  And where I met my gorgeous husband to be…  He had a pet lamb and a Peugeot 205, I had a camera, we both had a sense of adventure… so we fell in love…  We got married and now live in the sunshine of his homeland, on the Sunshine Coast… Australia.  This is what Waz and my wedding looked like – Shirley’s wedding pics.

In 2015 I was diagnosed with RA, a condition that might take away the use of my hands in times to come.  A pretty big shock, as you would imagine… but hey, it’s only made my love of life and photography stronger.  I lead a very healthy lifestyle, keep a positive attitude, and really appreciate the little moments.  Waz, myself and our two legendary dogs, Rhoadz & Tripz, live in a ‘small house’, two shipping containers on five acres of land in the middle of the Sunshine Coast.

I ADORE DOGS, and more people than I can count using my fingers have called me a dog-whisperer.  I also love the outdoors, camping, handwritten notes, books, travel (I’m guessing you’ve gathered that already) curious people, most people, being generous, donating to charities, memories, meditation, reiki, coffee, culture, sushi, smokey whisky, and cooking.  …and dots…

Things that I’m not such a fan of are… MacDonalds, marmalade, snakes, and alarm clocks.

I try to capture magic moments for keeps.

“I could not recommend Shirl highly enough, her work is amazing, she is so patient with the dogs and humans and will go above and beyond to get great shots. Our shoot did not feel like work it was fun from start to finish!! Look forward to the next one!!”