Modern creative location & studio pet photography on the Sunshine Coast

This is me behind a camera - Shirlz.  Dogs have this magic ability to pull people into the moment, experience the 'now' and generally have fun... I really love that!  I think you should have beautiful forever memories of your animals and remember the love they make you feel.

"I could not recommend Shirl highly enough, her work is amazing, she is so patient with the dogs and humans and will go above and beyond to get great shots."

Behind the scenes at a Whoa Nelly dog photo shoot on the Sunshine Coast

Capturing beautiful forever memories of your animals

Dogs of the Sunshine Coast are funky, brave, fashionable ... sometimes muddy, salty, wet and smelly.  At other times, they're pampered, groomed, have a belly full of treats and are hanging out in a doggy photography studio. They are loved, adored, admired and fun.  They bring smiles, giggles, cackles and jaw-drops into our worlds.  

Dogs of the Sunshine Coast (and the world) are great listeners and often they "just know".  They are our treasured companions, little rascals, guard dogs, and fur babies  ...They are all humble givers of unconditional love and laughter!

"I absolutely adore these photos, they are perfect! I can’t stop looking at them! They capture my dogs’ personalities perfectly. Thank you again!”


“Shirlz has a natural affinity with animals and totally captured our dog’s personality in her photos. Thank you for giving us such a special memento!”


“Shirlz is an amazing photographer! I’ve ended up with some fantastic shots of my two little puppies which I’m going to get blown up and put on my wall.”


Get a taste of what a REAL SHOOT is like with this video by Simon J Coulson

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